What Is Important While Optimizing A Website

What Is Important While Optimizing A Website?


If you want to give your website the best chance to get a high ranking in search engines, you must consider applying the right Search Engine Optimization tricks.

The web is becoming more and more competitive day by day and so you need every bit of help you can get to make sure your website gets noticed among millions and millions of others.

Here are some basic Search Engine Optimization tips that can improve your website ranking. Try them today and just rock the web.

  • Choose keywords for your website very carefully. Keep in mind your website content and the services/products that you are offering through your website while selecting the keywords for your site.
  • Give all of your web pages a unique title and description meta tag. Use proper keywords in both of these tags. This is one simple change that can really make a big difference in your search engine placement rankings.
  • Use consistent keyword-focused anchor links within your own web pages. When linking from one page to another within your website, make sure that the anchor text contains the keywords for the page you are linking to. Use an appropriate word that says something instead of using words like Click here.
  • Adding fresh content to your site on a regular basis is another important key factor that plays a vital role in your search engine placements. Adding new content regularly gives your visitors a reason to visit again. Search engine robots will also visit your website more often, once they notice that you update regularly. This is one of the main reasons why Word Press blogs are so popular right now. When visitors leave comments about blog posts you have made, the search engine bots see this as new content. And, it really helps your site rankings when a visitor makes a comment with a permalink back to their high PR site. This helps website owners save time, by allowing website visitors to create content for them.
  • Include descriptive Alternate tags on your images. If due to some reason the browser does not display the image, the alt text describes the image in text format.
  • Structure your site so that it is easy to navigate. If a person can easily find their way, then the search engine spiders will also have an easier time getting around your web pages.
  • Make sure your site has a site map and that all major pages of your site are easily accessible from your home page.
  • While building links for your website go for quality and not for quantity. Just concentrate on getting links from niche sites. Also, avoid link farms as these put a bad impact on search engines and your website will not get any advantage from these links.
  • Articles can do magic for increasing links to your website. Write some good articles focussing on the theme of your website and submit them to the article submission sites like EzineArticles, puzzle etc. Make sure to include your website address in the Resource section of your article. If your articles get picked up and published on other sites you will get a link back from that website.
  • There should not be any broken links within your site. broken links. Broken links restrict the other pages from being properly indexed by the search engine spiders.


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