Google SEO Optimization Tips and Tricks

Basic Google SEO Optimization Tips and Tricks


Basic Explanation:

Search Engine Optimization or mostly called SEO is one of the components of Search Engine Marketing, this is the process of Search Engine Ranking to appear in a high position when visitors or users conduct a search in specific keywords.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

On-page Optimization

1. Meta tag assigning like meta title, meta description and meta keywords, are the most important tags that the Search engine reads all the time.

Meta tag Title or Page Title refers to the title at the top of your browsers, this can also be seen in the search engine results.

Meta tag Description allows you to influence the description of the page(s).

Meta tag keywords are the list of keywords or phrases that you’ve targeted for that specific page.

What Does This Meta Tag Look Like?

The meta tags are placed between the head tag section:

2. The information on a website is its Content, place relevant keywords to your contents. Take note, your keywords to your contents should appear because some search engine penalizing your website. Content is the king for your visitors and for search engines as well. I’ll add the Busby SEO Test as a keyword.

Internal Links are very important for search engine optimization, always remove your broken links or missing page and make sure search engine bots/spiders can reach all of your pages.

Anchor Text is the text that you see for links on the page or off-page, always include your keywords in the anchor text of your internal links, this is very important to inform search engines of your target keywords.

Hidden Text is a text that matches your background colour (same colour both text and background colour in your page) and can’t be seen of your normal visitor, NEVER use any hidden text tricks for your keywords, because search engines will penalize or may even remove your site from their index or search results!

Off-page or Off-site Basic SEO Tips

This is an optimization outside of your page or website, the most powerful way to change your position in Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs.

Components are:

External Links is the most powerful SEO factor; search engines like Google said: If there are many good sites linking to yours then you must have good content. This is the reason why they will give you a higher rank.

PageRank or Google Page Rank – PR is the quality of the pages that point to your site that have more power than quantity. For PageRank checker, you can install to your browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer at

Anchor Text of the external links to your pages has the greatest effect on your Search Engine position. If more people are linking to your site using variations of your keywords in the anchor text, this will give you a powerful push for those search terms.

Off-page Content: The content of the pages linking to you is very important for your SEO, the more related content they have to your keywords, the more power those links you can get.

Outbound Links are the links that have a big effect on your site. Always make sure you are linking to good sites or related sites.

Those are not the final words for my Basic SEO Tips but I have tried to post again the most important points and most Advance SEO Tips.


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