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A successful image requires a curious mind, which is sensitive to the importance of colors, shapes, textures and symmetry.

We give life to your imagination through:


We analyze the field and the competition and see what are the latest trends.

Concept Design

Based on the information gathered in the first stage, we can come up with ideas and concepts.

Vector Icon

Stage in which the designer's knowledge is combined with the client's wishes.

Process Icon

We make sure that the final product is received by the client along with all the files.

Logo - Talk about yourself

By using the logo on a website and anywhere else to represent your online business, you can create a strong brand image. The possibilities of representing the brand image of your website by using the logo are endless and creativity can be easily created. Your business logo can make your brand visible and can stimulate your online business beyond your thinking. or an office image.


Let's get to know each other

The web graphics services we offer you:


Social media shows that it is enough for a message to be transmitted once to be shared thousands and millions of times. The graphic content that accompanies the posts launched on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks involved in promoting a business stimulates the degree of interaction of the message with the audience you are targeting, which encourages a greater impact on this audience.


Graphic content is the business card of a business. Synertek processes the photos according to the technical standards of the web platforms, facilitating the optimal integration of the professionally edited images into the text-type content to be distributed on social networks. Photo processing is a service that can be contracted including for optimal integration of product images found in online stores.


The Internet is an open environment to anything and everything, but this availability can have two edges. As the owner of a well-known business, you will only have to offer the audience with original content, both written and visual. We offer specialized consulting in the purchase of premium photo packages, dedicated to the specificity of your business. By personalizing them, they will be integrated into the communication process that will convey the fundamental values of the online business.


A click is the equivalent of a conversion. To do this, users need to be stimulated to access a banner through strategically placed graphic elements and messages. We identify, select and make the most of the potential of the most effective visual elements, facilitating contact between the audience and the banners engraved with the symbol and motto of your business. Online, the first impression matters and is a call to action for the users who make up the target audience.

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